Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She loved him and what in gods name did this mean for

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Unformatted text preview: e Order. Finally he looked again at Michael. "You're all right, you're very well indeed. Dr. Rhodes calls you his miracle. You're going to be all right. We'll meet tomorrow. You and I, even if I am not admitted to the meeting with Ryan." "This file they're sending over," Michael said. "I've seen it," Aaron said. "We were cooperating with each other. My reports are in the file. You'll see. I don't know what's happened now. But Beatrice and Vivian are waiting for me. Beatrice is greatly concerned about you, Mona. And then there is Dr. Larkin. He wants to talk to you, Michael. I've asked him to wait until tomorrow. He's waiting for me now." "Yes, OK. I want to read the report. Don't let Larkin get away, however." "Oh, he's happy. He's hitting every good restaurant in town and has been partying all night with some young female surgeon from Tulane. He's not going to slip through our fingers." Mona volunteered nothing. She merely watched as Michael fol- lowed Aaron into the hal...
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