Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She saw a green field hills covered with forest

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Unformatted text preview: money was to be had everywhere. Mansions were rising uptown. The fiend took possession of me on the average once a week. That is all either of us could take of it. It lasted some four or five hours, then whoom! I was back. I might be anywhere when it left me. Sometimes in bed, and even with a man. So it had tastes as broad as my own, when we came right down to it. But this was the twist. It wasn't Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, no, by no means. The fiend, inside me, was unfailingly charming to people. 305 Almost angelic. "My darling, last night you were so sweet," said my mistress, "to give me those pearls!" "What!" That sort of thing. It was also clear that people thought me stagger- ing drunk when he was inside. My reputation became even more lurid and controversial. I wasn't much of a drunk on the natch. I hated to be befuddled. But it couldn't do any better than that in me. And so I lived with the recriminations and the smiles and the teasing. "Boy, were you in your cups last night." "No kidding? I don't remember.&q...
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