Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She seemed unmarked in her freshness her beauty yet

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Unformatted text preview: ow a fiery mouth. I saw hovels blazing. I saw the bodies strewn all around me and in a daze I realized that these were not the visions of a rising soul. I still lived. And then the mob came, and once again laid hands on me in their fury. "Drag him to the circle," they said. "Drag all of them, burn them in the circle, burn the witches and the Taltos." All was blackness and panic, a gasp for breath, a desperate attempt for purchase-nothing for one moment that was not wild animal strug- gle, no, dear God, help us, don't let it be the flames. As they raised me to my feet I saw the dim ancient circle of stones surrounding us, their crude outlines looming against the sky and against the flames of the town burning behind us, the flames engulfing the great Cathedral, all of its beautiful glass broken and gone. A stone struck me, and then another, and another. And a third brought the blood pouring from my eye. I heard the flames. I felt the heat. But I was dying beneath the stones. One after another they struck...
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