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She turned her head away thirteen asne marie mayfair

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Unformatted text preview: up, snatched the phone from her hand, ripped the entire apparatus out of the wall and started to hit her. He stopped because she reminded him that the marks would show. They had to go to America. They should leave tomorrow. And when he tied her up she wanted him to make everything looser. If he kept tying her up so tight she would lose the use of her limbs. There was an art to keeping a prisoner. He wept in a dry quiet way. "I love you," he said. "If only I could trust you. If only you could be my helpmate, if you give me your love and trust. But I made you what you are, a calculating witch. You look at me and you try to kill me." "You're right," she said. "But we should go to America now, unless you want them to find us." She thought if she did not get out of this room she would go com- pletely mad and be useless. She tried to make a plan. Cross the sea, get closer to home. Get closer. Houston is closer. 237 A dull hopelessness covered everything. She knew now what she had to do. She had to die before she conceived by this being again. She could not give birth to another, could not. But he was breeding with her; he had impregnat...
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