Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She wanted an entire genetic examination of all

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Unformatted text preview: gestured to the far corner, and smiled. There the small wooden box of the gramophone stood on a table at the very foot of the brass bed! "What is real in this room?" Michael demanded softly. "And what is a phantom?" "Mon Dieu, if I only knew. I never knew." Julien's smile broadened, and once again he relaxed against the mantel shelf, eyes catching the light of the candles, as he looked from left to right, almost dreamily over the walls. "Oh for a cigarette, for a glass of red wine!" he whis- pered. "Michael, when you can't see me anymore, when we leave each other-Michael, play the waltz for me. I played it for you." His eyes moved imploringly across the ceiling. "Play it every day for fear that I am still here." "I'll do it, Julien." "Now listen well . . ." Ten NEW ORLEANS was very simply a fabulous place. Lark didn't care if he never left here. The Pontchartrain Hotel was small, but utterly comfortable. He had a spacious suite over t...
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