Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She was as always innocent and full of love slight of

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Unformatted text preview: nd I turned around, there was my mother in the doorway, watching all of this, and she reached out and clutched me to herself, and said to it: "You shall never hurt him. He is a harmless boy!" And I think then it answered her in her head because she grew quiet. It was gone. That was all I knew for certain. The next morning I went at once to the nursery where I still slept with Remy and Katherine and some other sweet cousins best forgotten. I could not write very well. And understand now on this point, many people in those years could read, but couldn't write. In fact, to read but not to write was common. I could read anything, as I've said, and words like transubstantiation rolled off my tongue both in English and in Latin. But I had only just begun to form written letters with agility and speed, and I had a hell of a time recording what the fiend had said, but finally, asking, "How do you spell-?" of every- body who chanced to pass through the room, I got it down, exactly. And if you w...
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