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She was at one minute his doctor at another the

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Unformatted text preview: public to raise money. The present Mayfair Trust was handled out of New York, and the founding family was most generous. The eldest on the project, a blond Englishwoman, with bobbed hair and a cheerful face, rather chunky in her tweed coat and leather boots, didn't mind at all answering their questions. She'd been working here since 1970. She'd applied twice for more funds and found the family entirely cooperative. Yes, one of the family had come to visit once. A Lauren Mayfair, rather stiff. "You would have never known she was American." The old woman thought that was hilarious. "But she didn't care for it here, you know. She took some pictures from the family and was off at once to London. I remember her saying she was going on to Rome. She loved Italy. I don't suppose most people love both climes-the damp High- lands and sunny Italy." "Italy," he whispered. "Sunny Italy." His eyes were filling with tears. Hastily he wiped them on his napkin. The wom...
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