Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She was just waiting to hear the news rowan dead and

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Unformatted text preview: done to Michael. Didn't anyone care what the man felt? Imagine. Surrounding him with Rowan's family as if it were just business as usual, when Rowan had gone. The whole thing was typical Mayfair-bad judgment, bad man- ners, bad morals-all disguised as some sort of lofty family activity or celebration. I wasn't born a human being, I was born a Mayfair, Gifford thought. And I married a Mayfair, and I have given birth to Mayfairs; and I shall die a Mayfair death no doubt, and they will pile into the funeral parlor, weeping in Mayfair style, and what will my life have been? This was often Gifford's thought of late, but the disappearance of Rowan had driven her nearly to the brink. How much could she take? Why had she not warned Michael and Rowan not to marry, not to live in that house, not even to remain in New Orleans? Also there was the whole question of Mayfair Medical-the giant neuro-research complex which Rowan had been masterminding before her departure, a venture which had elicited enthusiasm from hundreds of family members, especially Gifford's...
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