Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She was slipping and the water was rising to her

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Unformatted text preview: ain. I am loyal. I am trustworthy. I do not understand what has happened. You must give me some explanation, personally, of why you told me not to talk to Aaron Lightner, of who this woman in London was, of why I am being followed. I do not mean to throw my life out a window. I am worried about Aaron. We are human beings. What do you expect me to do?" He read it over. Very like him, very melodramatic, the manner that often prompted from them a little humor or a pat on the head. He felt sick suddenly. He gave the letter to the clerk with a twenty. He said, "Send it three hours from now, not before." The man promised. By that time Yuri would have already left Atlanta. He saw the woman again, the very same woman in the wool coat, with the cigarette on her lip, standing by the desk, and staring at him coldly as he boarded the Atlanta plane. Twelve HAVE I done this to myself? Is this how it ends for me, because of my own selfishness, my own vanity? She closed her eyes again on the vast...
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