Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

She was too slow for the light of course that had

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Unformatted text preview: as rarely a stain upon the cloth. She could use the same handkerchief over and over. She did not have a hat. But it had been years since she had gone out-except for Rowan Mayfair's wedding-and she did not know what Alicia had done with her hats. Surely there had been one for the wedding, and if she tried she might recollect what it looked like, proba- bly gray with an old-fashioned little veil. Probably had pink flowers. But maybe she was dreaming. The wedding itself hadn't seemed very real. Surely she could not climb the stairs again to look for a hat now, and there were none in her little back room down here. Besides, her hair was done. It was the same soft bouffant she had made of it for years, and she could feel that the coil on the back of her head was firm, pins in place. It made a grand white frame for her face, her hair. She had never regretted its turning white. No, she did not require a hat. As for gloves, there were none now and no one would buy them for her. At Rowan Mayfair's w...
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