Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Shed inherited this little beach house from her great

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Unformatted text preview: re the samples?" said the young man, and he suddenly slipped in front of Lark, blocking the entrance to the plane. Lark dropped his voice to a whisper. "Get out of my way." He was instantly and irreparably furious. He wanted to shove this guy against the wall. "Please, sir," the stewardess very quietly said to Stolov. "Unless you have a ticket for this flight, you'll have to leave the gate now." "That's right. Leave the gate," said Lark, his temper cresting. "How dare you approach me like this!" And then he pushed past the young man and stormed down the ramp, heart pounding, sweat pouring down under his clothes. "Damned son of a bitch, how dare he?" he muttered aloud. Five minutes after takeoff, he was on the portable phone. The con- nection was abominable and he could never hear a thing on airline phones anyway, but he managed to reach Mitch. "Just don't tell anybody anything about any of it," he said over and over. "Got you," said Mitch. "No one knows anything, I assure you. I have fifty technicians working on fifty pieces of the puzzle. I am the only...
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