Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: ned. Alicia and Giffbrd had needed her. Then Alicia had married. And Mona needed her. Mona's birth had given Ancient Evelyn a new voice. Oh, she didn't want to be considering things in such a perspective. Not on such a lovely morning. She did try to speak to people. It was simply so unnatural a thing for her to do. She'd hear the others speaking to her, or more truly she saw their lips move and she knew they wanted her attention. But she could stay in her dreams, walking through the streets of Rome with her arm around Stella's waist, or lying with her in the little room at the hotel, and kissing so gently and endlessly in the shadows, just woman and woman, her breasts pressed softly against Stella's. Oh, that had been the richest time. Thank God she had not known how pale it would all be ... after. She would only know the wide world once, really, and with Stella, and when Stella died, the world did too. Which had been the greatest love of her prime? Julien in the locked room or Stella of the great adventures? She could no...
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