Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Shell sleep the night dont you worry about her

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Unformatted text preview: ghost. I never have! And I have no reason to believe in it now. And whatever the truth of it all, it has nothing to do with the death of my wife! "But let us take up the matter of Rowan again. Gifford is in God's hands. Rowan may still be in ours. Now, Aaron, how can we get this scientific data, or whatever it is, from the Keplinger Institute? That will be my first order of business. To find out how we can subpoena the material Rowan sent to Larkin. I'm going to the office now. I'm going to lay hands on that material. The designee of the legacy has disappeared, there may have been foul play, legal actions have already been taken regarding funds, accounts, signatures et al.-" He stopped as though he had gone as far as he could, staring forward, like a ma- chine that had run out of electricity. "I understand your feelings, Ryan," said Aaron softly. "Even the LASHER most conservative witness can say that there is a mystery here revolv- ing around this male creature." "You...
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