Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Shes to come and go as she wishes you call cortland

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Unformatted text preview: s over Don- nelaith, then she, Emaleth, ought to know them and what they looked like. She caught not the faintest trace of his scent anywhere at all. None had clung anymore to Mother. The woman had come back. She laid down the shoes. It was hard LASHER for Emaleth to get her soft long feet inside them, toes wriggling, the canvas scratching her skin, but she knew that this was best, to have shoes. She ought to wear shoes. Father wore shoes. And so had Mother. Emaleth had cut her foot already on a sharp stone in the grass. This was better. It felt good when the woman tied the laces tight. Little bows, how pretty. She laughed when she saw these bows. But prettier still were the woman's fingers when she tied them. How big Emaleth's feet looked compared to those small feet of the little woman. "Good-bye, lady. And thank you," said Emaleth. "You've been very kind to me. I'm sorry for everything that is going to happen." "And what's that, child?" the woman asked....
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