Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Should she give up something was terribly wrong

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Unformatted text preview: same. And here the florist. Yes, she had been about to buy the flowers, hadn't she? For her darling girl, her darling . . . And look, the strangest thing was happening. A little bespectacled young man had appeared in the doorway of the florist, and he was speaking to her, was he not? Time to listen over the rumble of the traffic. "Ancient Evelyn. That's you. I hardly recognized you. What are you doing so far from home, Ancient Evelyn, come inside. Let me call your granddaughter." "My granddaughter's dead," she said. "You can't call her." "Yes, ma'am, I'm sorry, I know." He came to the edge of the little porch. He wasn't so young, really, she could see that now, and she did know this young man, didn't she? "I'm so sorry about Miss Gifford, ma'am. I've been taking orders for flowers all morning long. I meant I'd like to call Miss Alicia to come and get you and take you home." "You think Alicia could come to pick me up, shows what you know, poor bo...
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