Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Shut the door lasher i said if you are so very mighty

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Unformatted text preview: was in too thick to think about it much, that was certain. I threw myself into my business deal- ings, the acquiring of land, my investments abroad, and in general tried to keep my mind off Katherine's plan for this American house, this Greek Revival house, this uptown house, and to lure her back to the Quarter to sup with me whenever possible. As you know, she fell in love with Darcy! Indeed it was Lasher who revealed the plot to me. I was headed uptown, for Katherine had not come home, and I did not like it that she stayed late after the builders had gone, roaming around the half-built house alone with that wicked Irishman. Lasher sought to divert me. First he would talk. Then he would have a victim to possess. "Not now," says I. "I must find Katherine." And finally, in manly form, he did his worst trick, affrighting my coachman and driving us off the Nyades Road, where we broke a wheel, and I was soon sitting on the curb as the repairs went on, perfectly furious. But I could see now...
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