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Unformatted text preview: l, said my penance and went out into the wintry windswept fields. I was unhappy. I did not feel absolved. My eyes were wide and I was walking in a staggering way. I had killed those women, I knew it. I had thought them witches! But they were not! The face on the back of the head, all that had been trickery and illusion! And they had died as the result! Oh, but what was the larger truth! What was the real story? There was but one way to know! Go to England, go as a missionary to Eng- land, to fight the Protestant heresies there, and seek the Glen of Don- nelaith. If I found the castle, if I found the Cathedral, if I found the window of St. Ashlar, then I would know I had not imagined these things. And I must find the clansmen. I must find the meaning of the words once spoken to me. That I was Ashlar, that I was he who comes again. I walked alone in the fields, shivering and thinking that even my beautiful Italy could be cold at this time. But was this cold a reminder to me of where I had been born? This was for me...
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