Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Sister i said quietly what would you have me do leave

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Unformatted text preview: he words this man spoke? "Nights ago in Florence, you brought death to four women," he said. "That was the final proof." "Oh, God, then you know it. It is true." I began to weep. "But how did I kill them? Why did they die? All I did was what other men have done." "You will bring death to any woman whom you touch! Weren't you told this before you left the glen? Ah, the folly of those who sent you away! And for years and years we have watched and waited for you to come. They should have sent for us. They know who we are, and that we would have paid gold for you, gold, but they are stubborn." I was horrified. "You speak of me as if I were a chattel. I am my father's son, those base-born." LASHER He went on worrying and wringing his hands, imploring me to understand him: "They were told again and again by our emissaries, but they were superstitious and blind." "Emissaries? From where? The Devil!" Again I stared at him, this man in black with the black horse. "Who is blind? Dear God...
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