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Slowly stolov rose to his feet michael said stolov

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Unformatted text preview: should be in the finest linen and gold-threaded robes. The other priests dressed hastily. The acolytes ran to distribute the blessed candles for the Procession, and from all the country round, I was told, the faithful were coming, and the faithful, who had been afraid to do it before, were bringing the Christmas greens. "Father," I said my prayer, "if I die this night, into thy hands I commend my spirit." It was nearly midnight, but still too soon to go out, and as I stood there, deep in prayer, seeking to fortify myself, calling on Francis to give me courage, I looked up and saw that my sister had come to the LASHER door of the sacristy, in a dark green hood and cloak, and was motioning for me with one thin white hand, to come into the adjacent room. This was a dark-paneled chamber, with heavy oak furnishings, and shelves of books built into the walls. A place for a priest to hold conferences in quiet, perhaps, or a study. Not a room I had seen before. I saw Latin texts which I knew; I saw the statue of our...
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