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So does the talamasca ryan seemed incapable of

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Unformatted text preview: would contact him. That this was confidential. She indicated she might be interrupted at any time. She sounded as if she was in danger." 169 Michael sat quiet, trying simply to process this, to realize what it meant. One moment his beloved wife had been making phone calls to another man. Now the picture was entirely different. "This is what you didn't want to tell me," he said. "Yes," said Aaron. "And that the people we interviewed in Geneva and in Donnelaith indicated she might have been under coercion. Ryan's detectives drew the same inference from these witnesses, though none of the people themselves actually used the word coercion." "I see. But she was alive and well when she spoke to Samuel Larkin. And that was February twelfth!" said Michael. "Yes . . ." "OK, what did these people see? What did the people at these medi- cal clinics see?" "No one at any of the clinics noticed anything. But we are talking about enormous institutions, yo...
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