Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Some baby was always catching hold of her and drawing

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Unformatted text preview: ly two blocks away, talking to strangers in the emergency room. And to think that Cortland had been Ancient Evelyn's father. Ah, well, that had never mattered, not really. Julien had mattered, yes, and Stella, but fathers and mothers, no. Barbara Ann had died giving birth to Ancient Evelyn. That was no mother, really. Only a cameo, a silhouette, a portrait in oils. "See? That's your mother." A trunk full of old clothes, and a rosary and some unfinished embroidery that might have been for a sachet. How Ancient Evelyn's mind wandered. But she had been counting murders, hadn't she? The murders committed by Carlotta Mayfair who was now dead, thank God, and gone. The murder of Stella, that had been the worst of them all. That Carlotta had most definitely done. Surely that had to be laid on Car- lotta's conscience. And in the rosy days of 1914, Evelyn and Julien had known such terrible things were coming, but there had been nothing either of them could do. For one brief instant, Ancient Evelyn sa...
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