Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Somebodys walked out of there with all the material

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Unformatted text preview: elf in the distance-oh, great great Gothic church. Olden times! I sank down fina^1!! a cafe, as always, drank a cold glass of beer and rolled my head CTI the wall behind me. The demon was there, invisible. "What are you thinking?" Cautiously and deliberately I told him. He was silent and confused. 307 Then in a timid voice, he said: "I will be flesh." "Yes, I'm sure you will," I said, "and Mary Beth and I have vowed to help you." "Good, for I can show you then how to remain, and come back yourself, it can be done, and others have done it." "Why has it taken so long for you?" "There is no time where I am," he said. "It is an idea. It will be realized. Only when I am in your body is there a sort of time, measured by noise and movement. But I am out of time. I wait. I see far. I see myself come again, and then everyone will suffer." "Everyone." "Everyone but our clan, yours and mine. The Clan of Donnelaith, for you are of that clan and...
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