Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Someone was bound to come beatrice mona someone only

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Unformatted text preview: ne floor. The woman before me was beaming; and as I watched, her golden- red hair grew longer and longer, coming down her naked back and down between her breasts. She lifted this veil now and revealed herself to me, cupping her breasts in both hands; and then dropping her hands, she opened the secret lips of the pink wet mouth between her legs. I knew no reason, only passion, only the music, only the spellbind- ing beauty. I had been lifted to the table. And she lay down beneath me, and I was lifted over her. "Taltos, Taltos, Taltos! Make the Taltos!" The drums beat louder and louder as if there were no limit to the LASHER volume. The pipes had become one long drone. And there beneath me, in the golden hair between her legs, was the mouth smiling at me, smiling as though it could speak! It was moist and tender and glowing with the fluid of a woman, and I wanted it, I could smell it, I needed it; I had to have it. I drew out my organ and drove it into the nether crack and thrust again and...
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