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Something wholly unknown and new i know you did he

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Unformatted text preview: words for the same thing? He bowed to people when he spoke, he tipped his soft shapeless gray hat. People loved to look at him. They went to Westminster Abbey and he walked through the entire place studying every detail of it. He watched the faithful moving about. He said at last: "I have only one simple mission. Old as the earth itself." "What is that?" she asked. He did not answer her. When they reached the hotel he said: "I want your study to begin in earnest. We shall get a secure place ... not here in Europe ... in the States, so close to them that they won't suspect. We need everything. Cost must be no obstacle. We will not go to Zurich! They'll be looking for you there. Can you arrange for large amounts of money?" "I already have," she reminded him. It was clear from this and other remarks that he did not remember simple things well in sequence. "The bank trail is well laid. We can go back to the States if you wish." In fact, her heart silently leapt at the thought of it. "There is a neurological institute in Geneva," she said. "That's where...
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