Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Sprigs of lantana which had bloomed again in the warm

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Unformatted text preview: She has never listened to anyone." "She cannot hear," cried another. "Or speak!" "Look, Julien, the door is locked from this side," cried Stella, "and the key is in it." "Oh, you evil old fools!" I shouted. And I closed my eyes and collected all my strength and was about to command this door to open. I did not know if I could do such a thing, for something like that is never certain. And I could feel Lasher hovering near, and feel his distress and confusion. He did not like this house, these Mayfairs. Aye, they are not mine, these. But before I could answer Lasher or persuade him, or make the door move, it opened! The key fell from the lock by some power other than mine, and the door sprang back, letting the sunlight fall into the dusty stairwell. I knew it was not my power, and so did Lasher! For he collected around me close as if he too were actually fearful. Calm yourself now, spirit, you are most dangerous when you are afraid. Behave. It is all well and good. The girl herself opened the door. Be silen...
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