Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

St ashlar crushing the monsters beneath his foot st

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Unformatted text preview: hich had prevailed in the Catho- lic Church and how the rose was the highest of flowers and therefore the symbol of the highest of women, the Virgin Mary. I thought on that, and on nothing. And I prayed. Not to the Virgin. No, just to the air of this place, just to time, perhaps to the earth. I said: God, as if all this had that name, can we make this bargain? I will go to hell if you will save my family. Mary Beth will go to hell, perhaps, and each witch after her. But save my family. Keep them strong, keep them happy, keep them blessed. LASHER No answer came to my prayers. I sat there a long time. The moon was veiled by clouds, then free again and brilliant and beautiful. Of course I did not expect to hear any answer to my prayers. But my bargain gave me hope. We, the witches, shall suffer the evil; and the others shall prosper. That was my vow. I climbed to my feet, I lifted the lantern and I started to walk back. Mary Beth had already gone to sleep in her tent. The two guides were smoking their pipes, and invited me to join them. I told them I was weary. I'd sleep and wake early. "You weren't praying up therffffwere you, sir?" asked on...
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