Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Such had happened to one of marie claudettes nephews

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Unformatted text preview: her lap, and said, "Grandmere, tell me why you are so sad? Tell me everything." "Can you see that man who comes to me?" she asked. "Of course," I said, "but everybody says I should lie to you about it, though why I don't know because he seems to like to be seen, and will even frighten the slaves by appearing to them, for no good reason, it seems to me, except vanity." She fell in love with me at that moment. She smiled approvingly at my observations. She also said she'd never encountered a two-year-old child who was so bright. I was two and a half but I didn't bother to point this out. Within a day or two of our first real conversation about "the man," she began to tell me everything. She told me all about her old home in Saint-Domingue and how she missed it, about voodoo charms and devil worship in the islands and how she'd mastered every slave trick for her own purposes. "I am a great witch," she said, "far greater than your mother will ever be, for your mother is slightly mad and laughs at everything. As for the baby Kat...
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