Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Suddenly he caught a picture of the ruined white body

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Unformatted text preview: er, thought I, and I alone know it and I shall stifle whatever desire it creates. But then a gasp went up from those scattered about the great room, those gathered on the stairs. Indeed, some turned and hid their faces, and others pushed back against the walls. 547 "What is it?" I cried out. My father stood staring as if no words could reach him. I saw my sister Emaleth the same, and all of my kin and the other chieftains. The drums beat on and on. The pipes whined and ground. The scent grew stronger, and as I struggled to remain standing I saw a group of people, clothed only in black and white, come into the hall. I knew these severe garments. I knew these stiff white collars. These were the Puritans. Had they come to make war? They concealed something with their number, moving forward in concert, and now it seemed the pipers and the drummers were as wrapped in their music as was I. I wanted to cry, "Look, the Protestants!" But my words were far away. The scent grew stronger and stronger. And at last the gathering of people in black broke open and in the circle stood a small...
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