Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Talk to me kid said anne marie im worried about you

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Unformatted text preview: roke. There were presently no other tenants. All kinds of equipment was still on these three floors. It had all been repossessed by the owners of the property. But they could warrant nothing about it. Fine with her. She leased the entire space, complete with living quarters, offices, reception rooms, examining rooms, and laboratories. She arranged for utilities, rental cars, everything they would need to begin their serious study. His eyes were very cold as he watched her. He watched her fingers when she pressed the buttons. He listened to every syllable that passed her lips. "This city is very near to New Orleans," she said, "you realize that." She did not want him to discover it later and rail at her. Her wrists ached from his dragging her about. She was hungry. "Oh yes, the Mayfairs," he said, gesturing to the printed history, which lay in its folder. Not a day passed that he did not study this or his notes or his tapes. "But they would never think to look for you only one hour a...
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