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Tell us about stella alicia had already been a drunk

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Unformatted text preview: ere was the decade after Julien's death, when Evelyn had gone away with Stella to Europe, and they had had their "affair," of which Evelyn spoke with great solemnity. In Gifford's early years, before Ancient Evelyn had gone silent, Ancient Evelyn had always been willing to tell those tales in a whis- pered but steady voice-of how Julien had bedded her when she was thirteen, of how he'd come up to Amelia Street, and cried from the sidewalk, "Evelyn, come down, come down!" and forced Evelyn's grandfather Walker to let her loose from the attic bedroom where he had locked her up. Bad bad blood between Julien and Evelyn's grandfather-going way back to a murder at Riverbend when Julien was a boy, and a gun had gone off by accident, killing his cousin Augustin. The grandson of Augustin swore hate for the man who had shot his ancestor, though all were ancestors of everyone involved in some way or another. Tangle, tangle. Family trees of the Mayfair clan were like the thorny vines that choked off the windows and doors of Sleeping Beauty's castle. And to think, Mona was working it all out on her computer, and had only recently mad...
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