Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Ten years after my arrival in italy i was ordained it

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Unformatted text preview: the devils and spirits out of the valley, to scatter the Sluagh, and the Ganfers, and whatever evil lurks in the glen. To rout the little people if they have dared to come out. They may know already that you have come. The bell will protect us. The bell will drive them away with all the unseelie court and into the forest, where they can do no harm save to their own kind." "But who are such beings?" I whispered. "I'm afraid of the sound of the bell." "No, child, no!" he said. "It is not to frighten you. This is the voice of God. Take one step after another and follow me into the church." His arm was warm and strong around me, nudging me forward, and once again he kissed me in a soft, tingling manner on the cheek. "Yes, Father," I said. This was like the milk to me, as I have said, this affection. The Cathedral was deserted; and I could hear the bell more dis- tantly now, for it was high in the tower and made to echo off the mountains and not inside the church. 5oi He kissed my face warmly again and pulled me into the chapel of the saint. It was col...
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