Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

That is what it has always been bring together the

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Unformatted text preview: elaith and demand the truth from my father, not the legends and the prayers, but the reason for the fear I had seen in my mother and in others-the whole tale. Thirty-six LASHER S STORY CONTINUES THE VALLEY was under siege. The main pass was closed. We came through the secret tunnel, which seemed to have grown smaller and more treacherous in this .score of years. There were times when I thought it too steep, too dark, too overgrown, and that we would surely have to go back. But very suddenly, we had come to the end-and there was the splendor of Donnelaith under its cover of Christmas snow beneath a stalwart and dying winter sun. Thousands of the faithful had sought shelter in the valley. They had come in to flee the religious wars in the surrounding towns. It was not a multitude such as one would see in Rome or Paris. But for this lonely and beautiful country it was a great population. Haphazard shelters had been built against the walls of the little town, and against the buttresses of the...
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