Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Anne Rice v1 Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: child as any. Any pain I felt, jealousy, shame, fear, whatever, I buried it inside me. We were committed libertines, she and I. I would not have her laughing at me. Besides, I was too eager to go to Donnelaith. As I told her what I knew, our beloved spirit did nothing to come between us. Indeed, he was quiet that night. We were all quiet. Though down the street there was quite a bit of talk. Seems one of the local lords had been murdered. I didn't learn till later who it was. And even then the name didn't mean anything. But I think I know now that it was the father of Mary Beth's baby. Let's go on to Donnelaith now. An^^t me tell you what I discov- ered there. '^^ WE SET out the very next day, with two big carriages, one for ourselves and our luggage, the other for several servants needed to assist us. We went north to Darkirk, to the inn there, and from Darkirk on together on horseback, with two pack animals, and two of the local Scotsmen also on horseback to guide us. We were both great lovers of h...
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