Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

That sort of drinking could kill you alicia should

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Unformatted text preview: er nodded. He looked off again, out over what appeared to be a great sprawling cemetery, full of little marble houses with pointed roofs. The car sped on in the sparse traffic. There seemed so much space here. So much quiet. There was a seedy look to things, even a botched look. But Lark liked the openness, the sense of not being hampered by a moving traffic jam as he was always at home. "Lightner, my position on this is really difficult," he said. "Whether you are her friend or not." They were turning off already, gliding down past an old brick church steeple that seemed perilously close to the descending ramp. Lark felt relief when they reached the street, shabby though it was. Again, he liked the spacious feeling of things here, though all was a bit forlorn. Things moved slowly here. The South. A town. "I know all that, Dr. Larkin," said Lightner. "I understand. I know all about confidentiality and medical ethics. I know about manners and decency. People here know all about them. It'...
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