Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

That thing that spirit im not going to say its name

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Unformatted text preview: ll all sit down and decide what to do." "How can you decide what to do!" Gifford asked. "You have no evidence that Rowan is being forced to stay away from Michael. You . . ." "Well, honey, we do have evidence, rather strong evidence. That's the thing. We have to realize it. We are certain now that the last two checks cashed on Rowan's personal account were not signed by her. That is what we have to tell Michael." Silence. That was the first definitive thing that had happened. And it struck Gifford as hard as if someone had socked her in the chest. She caught her breath. "We know for sure they were forgeries," said Ryan. "And honey, those are the last checks. Nothing, I mean nothing, has come into the bank since those were cashed in New York two weeks ago." "New York." "Yes. That's where the trail runs out, Gifford. We're not even sure that Rowan herself was ever in New York. Look, I've been on the phone three times today about all this. There is no Mardi Gras...
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