Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

That was all past it was past the minute he saw rowan

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Unformatted text preview: ut there is absolutely no response. At least none that I could feel." "None," said Lily. "Well, we tried it," said Mona. "That's the important thing. We tried." She went out of the double parlor into the hallway. For a moment she thought she saw Michael at the top of the stairs. But it was just the nurse passing. The house creaked and rustled as it always did. She hurried up, deliberately on tiptoe, trying not to play the stairs like musical keys. The bedside lamp had been lighted again. The candle flames were lost in the brash yellow illumination. Mona wiped her eyes and took Rowan's hand. Her own hand was shaking. "Heal, Rowan!" she said. "Heal, Rowan! Heal! You're not dying, Rowan! Heal!" Michael put his arms around her, kissed her cheek. She didn't turn away. "Heal, Rowan," she said. I'm sorry I did it with him. I'm sorry. "Heal, please," she whispered, "what good is it all LASHER when they stepped into a corridor or into a stairwell, or came in the front doors. Rep...
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