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That would mean days in this room days she did not

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Unformatted text preview: an had never noticed. She was talking on and on. "But what do you know about the Cathedral?" he asked. For the first time in all his brief life, as Rowan had known it, he looked tired to her. He looked almost frail. He'd wiped his eyes several times more with a handkerchief, saying it was an "allergy" and not tears, but she could see he was cracking. "That's just it, we've been wrong about it before, we don't put forth many theories. Definitely the grand Gothic structure was built around 1228, same time as Elgin, but it incorporated an earlier church, one LASHER possibly which contained stained-glass windows. And the monastery was Cistercian, at least for a while. Then it became Franciscan." He was staring at her. "There seems to have been a cathedral school, perhaps even a li- brary. Oh, God only knows what we are going to find. Yesterday we found a new graveyard. You have to realize people have been carrying off stones from this place for centuries. We've only ju...
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