Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Thats it dear mother drink it yes said the girl and

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Unformatted text preview: nd the residue he wiped with his handkerchief and put that in his folded shirt too. A bundle. A bundle of the head. He wished he had a jar suddenly. He could put it in the jar. But best it was buried. The house was dark and quiet. He couldn't take all night to do this. Rowan needed him. And Aaron, Aaron might even be hurt. And those other two bodies... all that to be done. People would surely come soon. They always did. He carried the head back with him to the foot of the oak. Then he closed and locked the iron gates to the rear yard, just in case one of the cousins came wandering about. The shovel was in the back shed. He had never used it. The garden- ers here did that sort of work. And now he was going to bury this body in the pitch dark. The ground was sodden beneath the tree from all the spring rain, and it wasn't hard for him to dig a fairly deep grave. The roots gave him trouble. He had to go out from the base farther than he intended, but finally he had made a narrow uneven hol...
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