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Thats the meaning of your poem evelyn i shall try to

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Unformatted text preview: when Stella died, it was as if the old wound opened, and they became one-the loss of her two brilliant loves, the loss of the only warm light which had ever penetrated her life's mysteries, the loss of the music, the loss of all fire. "Don't try to make her talk," her great-grandfather had said to Mary Beth. "You go out of here. You go back up to your house. You leave us alone. We don't want you here. If there is anything of that abominable man in this house, I'll destroy it." Oh, such a cruel cruel man. He would have killed Laura Lee if he could have. "Witches!" Once he'd taken a kitchen knife and threatened to cut the little extra finger off Evelyn's hand. How she'd screamed. The others had to stop him-Pearl, and Aurora, and all the old ones from Fontevrault who'd still been there. But Tobias had been the worst of them, as well as the eldest. How he hated Julien, and all over the gunshot in 1843, when Julien had shot his father, Augustin, at Riverbend, Julien no more than a boy, Augus- tin a young man, and To...
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