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The elders perform best as an anonymous body in whom

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Unformatted text preview: ir communications, except that they were kindly and attentive and they knew everything, and often they revealed that they knew all about Yuri, maybe even about things of which he himself was unsure. It fascinated Yuri, this silent communication with the Elders. He began to ask them about many things. They never failed to answer. In the morning, when Yuri went down to breakfast in the refectory, he looked around him and wondered who was an Elder, who here in this room had answered his letter this very night. Of course, his com- munication might have gone to Rome, for all he knew. Indeed, Elders were everywhere in every Motherhouse, and all you knew was that they were the old ones, the experienced ones, the ones who really ran the Order, though the Superior General, appointed by them, and an- swerable only to them, was the official head. When Aaron relocated to London, it was a sad day for Yuri, because the house in Amsterdam had been his only permanent home: But he would not be separated from Aaron, and...
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