Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The detectives the xeroxes of the checks every scrap

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Unformatted text preview: ot;Mona, I am telling you to leave this room now," said Ryan. "No," she answered. Michael said nothing. He had heard all these words, but he could think of no way to respond to them. He wanted to say that Rowan had tried to stop the man from throwing him in the pool. But what was the purpose? Rowan had left him drowning in the pool, or had she? Rowan was being coerced! i75 Ryan made a small sound of exasperation. "Allow me to say," said Aaron with patience, "that Dr. Larkin has a great deal of information which we do not have. He has X rays of hands, feet, spinal cord, pelvis, as well as PET scans of the brain, and other such tests. The creature's not human. It has a confusing genetic makeup. It is a mammal. It is a primate. It is warm-blooded. It looks like us. But it isn't human." Pierce was staring at his father, as if afraid his father would come unglued at any moment. Ryan merely shook his head. "I'll believe this when I see it, when that Dr. Larkin tells me himself....
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