Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The electroencephalogram confirms that there is

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Unformatted text preview: ll that was known now from the analysis of the doctors. It was also known that he, Michael, had the chromosomes, though they were inac- tive. And so did Mona, in whom they were also inactive, and so did Paige Mayfair from New York, and so did Ancient Evelyn and Gerald and Ryan himself. The family was handling it fairly well, as far as he was concerned, though there was much discussion now as to whether Clancy and Pierce should marry, for both of them had the extra complement, too. And what was he to do with Mona? Did he dare touch Mona again? They both had the abnormality. How significant was it? How much of Lasher's birth had been chromosomal, and how much his soul sliding in there and taking over? What right had Michael to be touching Mona anyway? That was all past. It was past the minute he saw Rowan lying on the stretcher. Past, past, past. He'd had enough fun in life. He could sit in that chair forever. Just be with her. However, there were good arguments for ignoring the genetic anal- ysis, said the doctors, at least for Clancy an...
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