Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The entire family was electric with the news that she

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Unformatted text preview: and Shelby were all here, somewhere. Jenn and Clancy were in the front bedroom upstairs. Other Mayfairs were out in the guest house beyond Deirdre's oak. They heard the car stop in front of the gate. They did not move. Henri opened the door, admitting the woman whom none of them had ever seen in their lives. Paige Mayfair, great- granddaughter of Cortland and his wife, Amanda Grady Mayfair, who had left Cortland years before and gone north. Paige was a lithe little woman, not unlike Gifford and Alicia in face 435 and form, and only a little more birdlike, with long thin legs and wrists. That type of Mayfair, thought Mona. The woman's hair was sharply bobbed, and she wore those huge dazzling clip-on earrings which a woman must remove before answering a phone. She was matter-of-fact in her entrance. All but Fielding rose to greet her, to bestow the kisses that were customary even with a cousin whom no one had ever seen before. "Cousin Paige. Cousin Randall. Cousin Mona. Cousin Fielding." Paige sat d...
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