Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The expression on his face had been so wrathful so

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Unformatted text preview: at once." "Aaron refuses to do this?" "Adamantly. He will not leave the family. He regrets his obedience on Christmas Day." "So what is the official goal of the Order? Merely to protect itself?" "To do the extreme protective thing." 407 "I don't get you." "Yes, you do. The extreme protective measure is to destroy the threat. But that is what you must leave to us. To me and to my inves- tigators. For we know how to do this, how to track this being, how to locate it, how to close in upon it, and how to stop it from achieving its goals." "And you want me to believe that our Order, our beloved Tala- masca, has done this sort of thing in the past." "Absolutely. We cannot be passive when our own survival is at stake. We have another mode of operation. In that mode, you and Aaron can play no part." "There are pieces missing from this picture." "How so? I thought it was very complete." "You speak of a thre...
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