Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The family will close ranks protect itself and hide

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Unformatted text preview: y with him to Mass. Evie came to me when she wanted, by the front door. But there were still nights when she chose the trellis, seeking me as if she were a fearless little goddess, and whipping my blood, with her courage and her own passion, to an obscene and delirious heat. We lay together for hours, kissing, touching one another. What a wonder that in my dotage I should be a skilled lover for one so young. I told her secrets, but only a few. The gods had granted me that final pride. "Julien, I love you," said the crafty Lasher when he was about, hoping I would play the big Victrola, because he had come to love it so. "Why would anyone harm Evelyn? What is she to us? I see the future. I see far. We have what we require." When Mary Beth came home one afternoon, I sat her down beside me and vowed to her that I had told that little girl nothing of impor- tance and that they must look out for her as the years passed. Tears came into Mary Beth's eyes, one of the few times I ever saw them. "Julien, how y...
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