Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The food is in the other room ill bring it to you

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Unformatted text preview: face, into his eyes, but he came back, that wonderfully plastic skin and bones, like an infant surviving a fall from a ridiculously high window. He grabbed her and beat her again, until she lost consciousness. In the night she woke. Her face was swollen, but the bones were not broken. One of her eyes was almost shut. That would mean days in this room. Days. She did not know if she could endure it. The next morning he tied her to the bed for the first time. He used bits and pieces of sheet and made powerful knots, and had it half done when she awoke and discovered the gag in her mouth. He was gone for hours. No one came to the room. Surely some warning or instructions had been issued. She kicked, screamed, to no avail. She could not make a sound that was loud enough. When he returned, he took the phone out of hiding and ordered a feast for her and once again begged her forgiveness. He played his small flute. As she ate, he watched her every move. His eyes were thoughtful, speculating. The...
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