Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The gentle nighttime of spring gifford looked all

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Unformatted text preview: you help me? Why are you always such a tease? Good God, Julien. I can play the Victrola now in the library. There is no one to stop me, just Michael Curry, that sweet man, and Mona. I can play the Victrola and say your name. Ah, what a lovely perfume, the ligustrum in bloom. She had forgot- ten all about it. And there was the house, my Lord, look at the color of it. She had never known it to have much of a color at all, and now it was all bright and grayish violet, with shutters painted in green, and the fence very black against it. Oh, it was restored! What a good thing Michael Curry had done. And there, there on the upstairs porch he stood looking down at her. Michael Curry. Yes, that was the man. He was in his pajamas and very rumpled, robe open in front and he was smoking a cigarette. Like Spencer Tracy he looked, that chunky and Irish and rough, though his hair was black. Nice good-looking man with lots of black hair. And weren't his eyes blue? Certainly seemed so. "Hello there, Michael Curry," s...
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