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The infant in my arms gave strong little cries as if

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Unformatted text preview: ed with tears. Then I went into the castle to learn the truth. The main hall had its roaring fire, and many in dark woolen gar- ments gathered around the hearth. 53i My father rose at once from a heavily carved chair. "Leave the hall," he told the others. I recognized him immediately. He was mightily impressive, big- shouldered still, and somewhat resembling his own father, but far more hardy and nothing as old as the old one had been when I came. His hair was streaked with gray but still a deep lustrous brown, and his deep-set eyes were filled with a loving fire. "Ashlar!" he said. "Thank God, you have come." He threw his arms around me. I remembered the first moment I had ever seen him, the same look of love, from one who knew me, and my heart nearly broke. "Sit down by the fire," he said, "and hear me out." Elizabeth, wretched daughter of the Boleyn, was on the throne of England, but she herself was not the worst threat to us. John Knox, the rabid Presbyterian, had c...
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