Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The little people are still to be found and theyd

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Unformatted text preview: Let us go to Donnelaith," I said, choosing my words carefully. "Let me see the glen where our family was born. Let me lay a wreath of flowers on the glen floor where our Suzanne was burnt alive. Let me do this." This was the most shameful lying! I no more wanted to do that than to go play the bagpipes and wear the tartan! But I was determined to see Donnelaith, to know it, to penetrate to the core of this mystery! "Very well," Lasher said, buying the lie, for after all, who could lie to him better than I could, by this time? "Take my hand when we are there," I said. "Tell me what I should know." "I will," he said in a resigned voice. "Only leave this accursed popish country. Leave these Italians and their crumbling church. Get away from here. Go north, yes, and I go with you, your servant, your lover-Lasher." "Very well, spirit," I s^]"A'\nd then trying to mean it with all my heart, and finding some mewtfhg in it, I...
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