Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

The main hall of the castle was strewn with green as

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Unformatted text preview: witches in our very midst who must be burnt if we are to prevail. Put a silence to this squabbling. Call the entire people in the name of St. Ashlar. Say the Midnight Mass." "I see," I said, "and you will tell them that I am the saint come from the window." "You are!" he declared. "By the love of God, you are! You know that you are. You are Ashlar who comes again. You are Ashlar who is born knowing. And you know what you are. For twenty-three years you have lived in sanctity in the arms of the Franciscans and you are a true saint. Do not be so humble, my son, that you lack courage. Cowardly priests in this valley we have already, trembling down there in the sacristy, terrified that they will be snatched from the very altar by the town's Puritans and thrown in the Yule fire." At these words I remembered that long-ago Christmas. I remem- bered when my grandfather gave the order that I was to die. The Yule log. Would they bring it in this very nig...
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